Valuable Study Tips To Boost Memory Retention

Most of us don’t like tests and exams because not only are they stressful but also because we are required to remember details and facts about things that we are almost never going to use in the real world. So, what happens when you get overwhelmed with trying to remember and learn a whole semester’s worth of information on American History for the exam coming in three weeks’ time? Well, most of us would panic and run around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Improving Memory

So, to solve this problem, here are a few valuable tips that can help you boost your memory retention for your future tests and exams:

Avoid Distractions:

How often do you get started with your studies and end up getting distracted with YouTube or Facebook? This is a terrible habit and can cost you your exam marks. Research has found that long-term memory is better created when you stay focused for an extended period. If you break up your concentration with distractions, you are making it difficult for your brain to remember the important facts about American History that you are trying to learn and remember. So, if you want to ace your exams and remember what you are studying, make sure that you aren’t disturbed by any distractions.

Learn With Multiple Repetitions:

When you study and learn something multiple times, it’s found to improve memory retention for the information. This is said to happen because your brain registers that the information is important because you are increasing the frequency that you are revising or learning it. This is a method that has worked for centuries and will keep doing so in the future. Its suggested that you space your repetitions to hours, days and weeks so that its better instilled in the memory.

Learn With Multiple Repetitions

Write And Speak Out Your Topics:

Your brain is better able to remember when it can associate the memory with a physical stimulant, like writing. But typing on the laptop doesn’t seem to works, so if you want to remember your dates and figures better, try writing them down with a pen and paper while learning them. Speech seems to similarly work so you should also talk it out and verbalize what you want to learn to improve memory retention. And it’s not just writing text that works either, you can even draw out your ideas, which makes mental images that are stored in long-term memory.

Try The Pomodoro Method:

According to the Pomodoro Method, you can improve your productivity and memory retention by making sure that the time you spend concentrating doesn’t exceed 25 minutes at a time. When using this method of improving concentration and memory retention, you concentrate on studying for 25 minutes, take a 5-minute break and start the second 25-minute session. This cycle should be continued until you get through four study sessions where you are advised to take a 15-minute break to recharge. Just use a phone timer, and you should be well on your way to remember who the various American Presidents were.

The Pomodoro Method

These were some of the valuable tips that we learned from our seniors at school and hope that they help you just the same. Oh, and enjoy your American History exam.

Valuable Study Tips To Boost Memory Retention
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