Factors Affecting The Cognitive Developing Of Young Adults

Young adults or the youngsters are the ones who are on the stage to enter in the second level of development, their adulthood. When we say, the second level of development, it covers both the adult living and growth. The stage, they tend to discover and accept necessary things which can change their lives affecting their development. Parents, at this point of their age, are usually very concerned with the kind of choices their children make, ignoring the essential factors of life. This experimental phase can show some, one of the best changes in them and so is worst changes.

Youngster's Choices

This is why most of the parents are very protective towards their children and their development during this phase of their life. Teenagers tend to develop some of the habits that they feel is important for them, a kind of lifestyle or the behavior. Some of the incidences would give them the type of experience that they have never expected in their lives, both, positively and negatively.

Let’s find out what can be the factors affecting the cognitive development of young adults:

An Unhealthy Environment:

Often kids are grown up in an environment, where they are not treated the way they are supposed to be. Most importantly emotionally. Due to which they tend to be more offensive, aggressive and egoistic affecting their cognitive development and personal lives. This leads them to very less emotional quotient, less learning abilities, wrong decision-making skills and much more affecting them both physically and emotionally.


Depression is common nowadays amongst young adults. From being cheated by their opposite gender to look prettiest and smartest amongst their group of friends, the competition amongst each other can ruin their life forever. Depression can be for the lifetime, affecting every development in them.


Right Motivation And Independence:

It is necessary that the children should get the right kind of motivation, leading them to achieve challenges and overcome their fears. And, giving them their space and independence can help in cognitive development. Being independent would develop their learning capabilities and decision-making skills, making them more responsible and self-depended.

Parent’s Good Support:

Some parents take their time to research and find out what exactly their child’s future plans, their hobbies, their aspirations. In addition, they find their child’s fears, their likes, and dislikes. In addition, this can help parents to support and advise their children in the right direction. So, the proper guidance can help wonders to the young adults who seek unique things in their lives. Parent’s healthy support can help them to develop excellent understanding skills, learning skills and can generate a good emotional quotient.

Parent's Support


A parent’s role in teenage plays a crucial part in developing their mind and future. The kids ranging from 13-19 years grow the most, physically, emotionally and mentally. By the time, these kids are six; their brains are already about 90-95% of adult size. But, their minds still need a lot of remodeling before it actually functions as an adult brain.


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