6 Vitamins And Minerals That Help Improve Brain Health

Our brain is the most complex machine in existence and requires a number of components to maintain its efficiency and longevity, some of which include oxygenated blood, vitamins, and minerals. If your brain experiences a deficiency in any of the essential components required for the brain, you could develop a decline in brain power, developmental problems and psychiatric disorders. This thinking also works the other way where if you improve your vitamin and mineral intake, you can experience a boost in your brain power, cognitive functions, memory and learning ability.

Vitamins And Minerals

Now that we have understood the importance of having sufficient vitamins and minerals in our diet for healthy brain function let’s take a look at the specific vitamins and minerals you should ensure to include in your diet.

1. Magnesium

Magnesium has been found to improve short and long-term memory with the mineral helping to enhance the transmission of impulses in the brain. It should be a very important part of your diet as it helps vitamins like B vitamins be converted into their active forms. This is why you will see magnesium in almost all nootropic supplements.

2. Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Vitamin C can be acquired from Vitamin C pills as well as green veggies and citrus fruits. Research has shown that this vitamin is found in the brain in high concentration with the pituitary gland having 400 mg/kg. It helps protect the brain from free radical damage while also promoting the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

3. Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

Vitamin B9 has shown to improve memory in a few weeks due to its ability for amino acid synthesis and nerve tissue formation. Folic acid can be found in lentils, asparagus, and spinach. It is said to have almost half of the Vitamin B stored in the liver, and a deficiency of B vitamins has shown to cause developmental problems in children. So, make sure that your family has sufficient Vitamin B9 in their diet.

Foods With Folic Acid

4. Calcium

Calcium, like Magnesium, is essential for the healthy working of your brain and is a crucial component in your brain as a nerve cell messenger. It also helps control nerve excitability for improved brain function and helps regulate neurotransmitter communication in the brain. While having low calcium is rare, it can be possible due to some pharmaceutical drugs.

5. Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that has been shown to cause a psychological and neurological problem when the body has a severe Zinc deficiency. This mineral has also been known to help neurotransmitter health. Zinc is found in beef, shrimp and pumpkin seeds which help make sure that your brain has sufficient minerals to function at its best.

6. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Vitamin B1 is very important to maintain a healthy brain because it is one of the vitamins that are found in large amounts in the brain. It helps improve the health of brain by improving nerve impulse conduction. Studies have also shown that a deficiency of Thiamine can cause you to suffer from Korsakoff syndrome.

Vitamin B1

These were the six vitamins and minerals that can help improve your brain health and which can be found in foods like vegetables, meats, and fruits.

6 Vitamins And Minerals That Help Improve Brain Health
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