5 Interesting Facts About The Human Brain

Our brain is very complicated and even after centuries of poking and probing, we still haven’t figured out how every single thing in our brain works. So, it is clear that the human brain has many interesting facts to tell us and many other secrets we have yet to find out for ourselves.

The Human Brain

Here, we have listed five interesting facts about the human brain that you probably didn’t know:

1. Eating A Gluten and Dairy Free Diet Can Improve Brain Function

There are some people with GI problems who have trouble with some foods like dairy and gluten. For these people, cutting gluten and dairy from their diet can help improve their GI health as well as their brain health as the digestive tract is better able to absorb the required nutrients from the diet.

Children with ADHD or Autism have also been recommended to be given dairy and gluten-free diets, and many parents have stated that they experienced an improvement in symptoms with the new diet. Those with food allergies should also limit dairy and gluten as these allergies can negatively affect the brain. Gluten and dairy free diet can also combat other brain issues such as migraine headaches, mood disorders, Aspergers and ADHD.

2. The Right Way To Eat For A Healthy Diet

When approached, experts in brain health mentioned that we should be eating a diet that helps boost our energy levels, reduce anxiety and brain fog as well as stabilizes our mood and helps us concentrate. A diet that gives us these brain health benefits includes 70% plant-based foods, 30% protein-filled foods and various forms of healthy fats.

3. We Can Harm The Brain With Our Unhealthy Lifestyle

We are aware that having an unhealthy lifestyle can negatively affect the health of the body but did you know that it can also harm our brain function, memory, and brain longevity. The diet that is most responsible for this damage is the Standard American Diet (SAD) which contains a lot of sugar, salt, bad fats and processed foods.

The Standard American Diet

Some of the other bad lifestyle choices that cause harm to our brain include pollution, diabetes, drugs, and environmental toxins. In fact, alcohol consumption, hypertension, toxic cleaning products, negative thinking patterns and imbalanced hormones can affect healthy brain function.

4. Your Low Fat Diet Is Harming Your Brain Power

According to the experts, our society’s obsession with low fat is damaging your brain power. This is because of the solid weight of the brain which is made over 60% of fat. However, eating a diet with healthy fat can keep the brain working in prime condition. However, you should be avoiding cheap oils with Omega-6-fatty acids and trans fat. It is because they are unhealthy for your body and can degrade healthy brain function.

5. Your Brain Is Always Changing

Your brain doesn’t stay the same throughout your life due to neuroplasticity. This process helps the brain make new connections, new neurons, build memories and train to learn new things. This is why we work so hard to slow down our brain aging. Consuming healthy foods and taking nootropic supplements can help us with the same.


These were the five interesting facts about the human brain that you now know. The human brain is a mysterious organ and doctors are researching ways to improve its functioning, almost every day.

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